Detection dogs for conservation

Detection Dogs for Conservation


Accurate data on presence / absence and spatial distribution for fauna species is key to their conservation. Collecting such data, however, can be time consuming, laborious and costly, in particular for fauna species characterised by low densities, large home ranges, and cryptic or elusive behaviour.

Maya, the koala scat detection dog (pictured left), has proven to be 19 times quicker and 153% more accurate in finding koala scats than human-only teams. Scats provide genetic, physiological, toxicological, hormone, dietary, Chlamydia and other physiological information used to determine animal health.

Maya assists us to undertake scientific surveys to support research into the health of koalas in Queensland. Our research can inform the protection and management of this iconic species.

Our research methods have been featured on episodes of ABC Catalyst and the children's television show Totally Wild (jump in and watch at 4 mins 20 seconds). 

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